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Why Write for Us

Increased Traffic

We allow an author bio where you can provide a link back to your site. After your post is published, you can get relevant click backs to your website. Regardless of your end goal, you are sure to reap immense benefit from our niche audience as long you have interest in the addiction niche.

Establish Authority

Well-crafted guest content can only highlight your position as an authority in the addiction niche. Your byline can quickly grow popular, exposing you to other opportunities in the addiction niche.

Generate Backlinks

Backlinks are good for your SEO. We can allow up to links within your content pointing to your own website. The links must not be affiliate links or lead to product sales page. We offer honest writers and bloggers in the addiction niche the opportunity to generate backlinks, improve SEO and spread word about their website.

Rules for Writing for Us

Unique Content

Copied content not only dilutes the authority of the website but also attracts penalties from search engines. The content can quote reliable sources but all sources must be properly referenced. Use both free and premium plagiarism tools to check your content. We will discontinue any relationships with you if you send us plagiarized content and we will immediately take down any content that becomes the subject of a dispute.

High-quality Content

Misleading content is a turnoff to our readers. The post should provide solutions to problems that people face on a daily basis. The blog post should contain factual and accurate information that readers can use. If the content is generic and overly simplistic, we will reject it.

Related to Niche

This website is in the addiction niche and so all content sent to us must reflect this. We will not accept general health related articles or articles in other niches.

Engage the Readers

Our readers may have questions that require clarification. You should be able to step in and answer such questions (usually in the comments section). Readers like to know that you appreciate their consumption of your content.

Submitting your article

Send us an email with your submission or suggested article titles. Our in-house team of editors will review and provide feedback with guidance where necessary. Please submit all drafts or completed pieces as word documents. Please do not add any other attachments and do not send us a zip file unless we have requested so.

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