Why Stay Sober?

Why Stay Sober?

It is very difficult to deal with addiction of any kind, but dealing with alcohol addiction is one of the hardest. A relapse is as simple as walking into a bar or a shop and getting a drink.

Many find that dealing with detox and even the prospect of never drinking again are too much to handle. Others on the other hand, have started the journey to freedom from alcohol addiction but often find themselves thinking that addiction isn’t very bad- after all when staying sober gets very tough.

Whatever your situation, you need to be aware that the benefits of staying sober far outweigh any benefits or gratification you may be getting from alcohol addiction. Here are some very important benefits of an addiction-free life which you should seriously consider today:



Whether you are spending on cheap gin or expensive alcoholic drinks, you may have already realized the vast amount of money you are losing to alcohol abuse. Even if you have the money to spend, you will find that you are better-off spending your money on projects that add more value to your life, to the lives of your loved ones, and to your community.

It is true that such considerations may not hold value when your body is yearning for another drink, but remember there is life after you have indulged yourself.


Better Social Life

Alcohol addiction affects the way you relate to those around you, and vice versa. You may be already aware that your addiction has adversely affected your human relationships, but you may not understand how your addiction hurts your loved ones.

Staying sober helps you forge meaningful relationships which can in turn strengthen you to stay sober. You also become a respected member of the community, and you won’t have to keep explaining and apologizing for things you may have done in a drunken state.


Increased Productivity

Toxins from alcohol abuse inhibit proper brain functioning which can affect your mental abilities and coordination. When you stay sober, you are more likely to get a job, hold it down and perform to the best of the abilities you know you have.

Also, the amount of time you spend thinking about getting a drink, drinking, and then recovering could be better spent on more productive tasks that make your life richer and more meaningful.


Better Health

Alcohol abuse exposes you to many health risks, especially to liver and heart disease, and brain damage. You are also prone to serious accidents when you are in a drunken state. Many domestic, industrial, and road accidents are as a result of one being in a drunken state.

The health risks associated with alcohol addiction are especially high with long-term addiction. You can get back some control over your life and health when you stay sober.

Staying sober is difficult and it is not enough to know how beneficial it can be. Breaking your alcohol dependence requires unconditional support from loved ones and from addiction professionals.

If you have made or are trying to make the decision to get and stay sober, it is important to ensure that you are around the right people for advice, support and treatment.


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