What Next After Rehab?

What Next After Rehab?

The period immediately after leaving the alcohol treatment centre can be extremely challenging. After several weeks spent away, you will have to readjust to this new environment but, as a sober person. Some of the things you could do to make this adjustment easier include:


Get A Support Group

Get in touch and try to connect with other people who are on the same journey as you. This can include people with whom you were in rehab. Find a support group such as a 12-step program or some other program. The important thing is that you don’t try to face the challenge alone.


Clean Up Your House And Create A Schedule

First of all, you will not want to come back to a house that is still filled with all sorts of temptation. Have someone pour out your old stash before you come back. Keeping busy is also important. Make a plan for what you’ll do at certain times e.g. exercising or who you’ll be meeting e.g. a counsellor. Give yourself time to relax too.


Know Your Triggers And Avoid Unsupportive Friends

A trigger is anything that makes you want to drink. This could be passing by a bar or liquor store, meeting a certain person etc. It is important to identify your triggers so you can avoid them. You should also avoid the company of people who are likely to offer you a drink or people who don’t understand that you’re in recovery.


Avoid Sudden Changes And Seek Support

Change is almost always stressful and stress is usually a major trigger for many people with an alcohol abuse problem. Limit major changes such as moving or changing jobs unless it’s necessary. You should also seek the support of family members where possible as they can be a useful resource during this period.


Learn How You Can Enjoy Yourself While Sober

Work can be stressful and you still need time to adjust to a new way of doing things. It will be easier if you give yourself some time to figure out your new routine, build your support structure and to get reacquainted with your life. At this time, you should also figure out how you’ll be able to enjoy yourself while staying sober. Activities such as sports, hobbies or just walking on the beach can prove to be excellent substitutes for time that you would have spent drunk.


Make A Plan Before Going Out

Places where you’ll have easy access to alcohol should be no-go zones during the first few months of recovery. Temptation at that stage is highly risky. If you are going to a function where alcohol will be provided, go with a sober buddy i.e. someone with whom you’re committed to remain alcohol free. When offered a drink in these situations, simply say no without giving any long explanations. If you feel like you’re tempted to have a drink, leave immediately.

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