Relationships And Early Recovery

Relationships And Early Recovery

One of the most important pieces of advice addicts in early recovery can benefit from is to wait before starting any new romantic relationships. The cardinal rule is to give yourself at least a year. The reason for this is simply because there are potential dangers to sobriety for a person in early recovery.

Nevertheless, here are reasons why you need some time for yourself.

Early-Recovery Is Time For Self-Discovery

Addiction facilitates a self-involved lifestyle. People lose a lot when they become dependent on alcohol- their job, relationships, life goals and more. While it is normal to return home to your old relationships and acquaintances, it is strongly advised that former addicts focus on themselves and their recovery process.

Relationships require a strong commitment from both parties and may draw so much from someone trying to find their footing after a break in rehab. During this time, a recovering addict is emotionally vulnerable and may be building relationships for the wrong reasons.

It is advisable to channel your strength towards maintaining sobriety and planning the next step for life after recovery. Also, romantic relationships come with their own drama, and somebody who isn’t strong in sobriety could easily relapse when stressed by a fight or a break-up.

Consider doing the following while in early recovery:


Take A Break From Romantic Relationships For A Year

I know it may be tiresome to hear this over and over again, but it cannot be emphasised more. Finding love takes focus away from what should be your first, second and third priorities in early recovery- staying teetotal.

There is a high danger of substituting your alcohol addiction for a behavioural addiction to love. Until you are strong in sobriety, avoid forming relationships with romantic inclinations.


Don’t Bog Yourself Down With Guilt

Recovering addicts with spouses often beat themselves up for all the pain they have caused to their partner and family. This kind of guilt is counteractive to complete healing. It creates pressure and takes focus away from issues that really matter.

A part of the 12-step recovery process is to amend for damages caused while in dependence. If your genuinely expressed apology has been accepted, the next step is to move on and build positive goals for yourself and your family.

Don’t Supress Your Own Feelings

One of the problems of alcohol addiction is bottling up feelings and talking to yourself during alcohol consumption. The hiding and sneaking habit of the addiction has a way of making you less open about your feelings in subsequent relationships. The idea of support groups is to practice openness and be forthcoming with your thoughts. This will be helpful when you start dating again.


Show Empathy To Yourself And Your Partner

The most important relationship anyone can have is with themselves. It is therefore essential to treat yourself with some compassion. Likewise, your partner (if you are married) deserves some empathetic listening.

Learn to do away with the self-absorbed nature common with addiction and accord them the respect they deserve. It will go a long way to healing yourself and your marriage.


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