Ready To Overcome Addiction

Ready To Overcome Addiction

Am I ready to quit using alcohol – am I really an addict – what if I did today – am I on the precipice of rock bottom? Your thought pattern continues to change, and your mind is a battleground!

The decision to quit alcohol and head for rehab can be difficult. Primarily, this is connected with the influence that alcohol has on the brain. Healthcare experts believe that alcohol bends the mind to a dependent state. However, this does not mean that the individual does not have a chance to change their alcohol habit. For some, it comes with a sudden sober reflection that their life is in a morass. For others, change is initiated by someone who cares about them. But the truth is, whether you realise it or not, your alcohol behaviour indicates that you are ready to change.

Signs Of Readiness

These are some of the signs that clearly convey your readiness to stop abusing alcohol.

You Have Hit Rock Bottom

This is the sign that says that you have lost everything to alcohol, and there is palpable threat to your life. Continuing in the habit of misuse has opened your body’s defence mechanism to diseases such as cancer, osteoporosis, and coronary heart disease. Occasionally, you experience depression, anxiety, and fainting. More so, you have lost appetite for food because the craving for alcohol is uncontrollable.

Your Finances Have Depleted

Alcohol addiction leads to poor judgment and increased chances of taking uncalculated risks. Often, addicts turn to gambling and incur huge debts along the way. When they don’t run into debts through gambling, they deplete their finances by spending too much on alcohol. Waiting until this stage is unnecessary because it’s the leeway to other anti-social behaviour like theft.

Sudden Need For Change Dawns On You

Not everyone who abuses alcohol waits for the dire consequences before they realise they need to make a change. There could be a moment of sober reflection that allows you to view alcohol differently. Usually, personal decision to quit using alcohol is filled with emotional and psychological truths until you begin to seek help in rehab. There are several reasons that lead to this sudden need to stop using alcohol.

First, you may be motivated by the success a peer in your circle has recorded after quitting alcohol, or it may dawn on you that you have been hurting those that you love. This is a clear sign that you need to change your alcohol habit.

Difficulties Against Readiness

While the signs are present, there may be some obstacles in the way of change. However, overcoming them is possible when your decision is strong, and you have support from health professionals and your family. Below are some of the challenges you may encounter:

  • Stigmatisation: Often, public perception of alcohol addiction and rehab swings to the negative arm.
  • Low Self Esteem: Alcohol addicts usually suffer low self-esteem, which casts a spell on the addict of not deserving a life beyond alcohol.
  • Dual Diagnosis: This happens when users use alcohol for self-medication, but start abusing it. Continuous use gradually turns to addiction, and users are diagnosed. However, they refute the result of their diagnosis on the claim that it had been the use of alcohol that had sustained them.
  • Many users often deny the need for rehab, with claims of drinking moderately. However, there is no clear definition about moderate alcohol consumption since alcohol affects individuals differently.


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