Overcoming Low Self-Esteem During Your Recovery from Addiction

Overcoming Low Self-Esteem During Your Recovery from Addiction

Low self-esteem is a major psychological issue that works hand-in-hand with addiction, and it affects both addicts and recovering addicts.

For some addicts, substance abuse is their only way of escaping low self-esteem. They feel neglected and want to feel like they belong, so they join their friends in using drugs. Also, they want to extricate themselves from their shyness, so they indulge in drugs to lose their inhibitions.

The problem is that substance abuse doesn’t really help them feel better about themselves; it only creates a sense of wellbeing and euphoria that is not only false but fleeting also. The reality of it all dawns when the person develops physical and psychological dependence on the substance being abused, and the search for self-esteem is thus replaced by the compulsion to use the drug–addiction.

In the case of recovering addicts, low self-esteem deepens. That lowly feeling substance abuse couldn’t solve for them, intensifies as they realise their mistakes- resulting in being engrossed with guilt and shame. They sense the stigmatisation, disapproval, and scorn emanating from the people around them. Thus, most begin to feel even more neglected and worthless. Also, if those feelings are not addressed, the risks of them relapsing increase. This is why overcoming low self-esteem is vital to a successful addiction recovery.

If you are, or know of, a recovering addict battling with low self-esteem, here are four powerful tips that you or they can use to combat that miserable feeling.


Look After Yourself

When an individual feels low in esteem, it’s sometimes because of some obvious reasons- many of which have to do with their physical appearance. Looking good physically doesn’t always have to do with things you wear. It’s usually more about how you feel about your body.

Therefore, adopt and maintain a healthy dietary plan. Don’t overeat. Curtail your sugar and starch intake. See a nutritionist if you must. In addition, exercise regularly to build your shape and tone your body. You should start feeling good about your looks within weeks.


Practice Self-Affirmation

There is a reason they say that there is power in word of mouth. Research has shown that self-affirmation can boost confidence, performance, and even protect you from the effects of stress. When self-affirming, you are basically telling your brain how important the words you are saying are to you. Once your brain registers them as important, your subconscious begins to nudge you towards making them a reality or discerning the many tiny truths in them.

Therefore, find all those negative beliefs and so-called flaws of yours and include their opposites in your self-affirmation. Say “I’m confident,” “I’m intelligent,” “I’m loveable,” “I’m worthy…”

Forgive Yourself For Your Mistakes

If you can forgive others, why can’t you forgive yourself? You are human like them. Human beings are prone to mistakes. Failing to get over your mistakes can leave you stagnant. You can’t go back and unmake your mistakes, but you can move on and do better next time. There is a whole future ahead of you.


Embrace Your Talent Or Calling

Michael Jordan played so well because he discovered what he was good at and embraced it. Don’t try out an activity to impress your friends or to be like someone. Doing so would lead you to disappointment if you aren’t good at that activity. Don’t focus on the things you can’t do. Doing so will only frustrate you and incite a possible relapse. Instead, discover your own potential and explore them. When you do so, you will shine, and other people will want to be like you.

Lastly, take things gradually. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. While giant aspirations and dreams are splendid, you might want to break them down into manageable bits and relish the fulfilment that comes with reaching each milestone. When someone compliments you for your success, good looks or improvements, accept the compliment. It will immensely help you to build self-esteem faster.


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