Defeating Addictive Urges

Defeating Addictive Urges

Curbing Addiction

Addiction really raises many concerns in our daily lives. It’s basically a form of being enslaved to a certain habit or doings. Generally, these habits control our lives. Much of what you do is based on a habit you’ve developed at some stage in your life. Other habits are harmful, like spending too much time on the internet, smoking or drinking.

You might consider these routine to be nothing more than small hindrances. However, they can prevent you from achieving a lot in your life. Addiction urges consume time, thoughts and even energy.

However, we as human beings have a chance and an opportunity to change and break free from our habits that have resulted in addictions in our lives. Breaking a habit also isn’t a simple matter of grinding your way through the day while promising yourself to never repeat the mistake. If you rely on mental strength alone, then you may lose the fight when you are stressed or mentally exhausted. We can understand the stages and the process to defeat addiction urges through this diagram that I have formulated:


Four Steps

The journey of defeating addiction urges is well understood that it’s not an instantaneous process but a procedural channel. This process is very useful for people dealing with addiction. Also, it really needs to be integrated in our lives for our behaviour to change in order to build up on our capacities and enhance more developments in our daily lives. When planning for this change, you should expect to face a lot of temptations, discouragement and giving up- especially when your willpower is at its weakest. Only when you understand your own foundation for change and limitations is when you will have the capacity for overcoming those addiction urges in your life.

Permanent Change

During this process, the best way to make a permanent change for addiction urges is to focus on daily, incremental improvements. Aim to delink yourself from the habit by setting target goals that consistently decrease the amount of time you spend on it. However, to forever eliminate a habit is to slowly replace negative habits with healthier routines in order to build up a positive behavioural change. That means. replacing the fear of missing out with new, constructive routines which give you the same reward. For instance, if I am addicted to alcohol, I would create plans to go for coffee parties or even going to gym in the evenings instead of going to the bar.

To make a permanent change on addiction, you need to fully understand when and why these desires and urge occur. The best way to make a lasting change is to follow a step-by-step process that whenever you experience that urge to revert to old behaviour, you remain focused. You can do this by focusing on the urges and desires that you have identified and creating a plan for each one. The aim here in the end is to reprogram your mind to take a different action, even when you feel that craving.


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