Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol tests serve different purposes to different people. For an employer, the test may be a way of ensuring that they maintain a safe working environment and limit potential loses by persons who are under the influence. In the case of child protection, the issue of testing could however, be a little complicated. An employer may simply be interested in whether or not the person is under the influence during the job but in the case of parents who [...]

Just imagine that you have been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault. You can clearly see that the other driver is drunk but for one reason or another, there is no way of administering a test for alcohol until a few hours or a day later. You may find yourself facing liability for an incident that is actually not your fault because of this. This sort of situation highlights one of the main problems facing alcohol testing. In [...]

Testing employees for alcohol has become more commonplace in the recent past. In the UK, employers have stated that heavy drinkers are costing them millions of pounds every year. Testing for alcohol has become particularly important for people working in industries where they are exposed to hazardous substances or operate heavy machinery such as truck drivers. In these industries, the potential to cause serious damage, injury and even death means that the issue of being drunk is not acceptable [...]

Addict Words like addict are very common in drug treatment circles even among the treatment providers. However, is the use of labels such as these of any benefit to the people in question or could such labels possibly be making the situation even worse? In many other health sectors, there are many labels that have been discarded because they were deemed to be part of the stigmatization problem. This is why words such as schizophrenic and manic-depressive are no longer [...]