Sanctuary Lodge, Essex (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) is one of the foremost providers of rehab and detox services in the UK that helps clients to become free from addictions and other behavioural disorders. Located in Halstead and based on Hedingham Road, Sanctuary Lodge employs the services of well-trained, talented, and experienced practitioners and rehab experts who have acquired experience through several years of practice. Sanctuary Lodge, Essex offers diverse addiction and rehab services for behavioural disorders such as drugs, sex, gambling, alcohol [...]

Alcohol may be considered a drug. It is a depressant that has the potential to slow down vital functions- affecting the mind and reducing a person’s ability to make sound judgements. However, the effect of alcohol, depends on the quantity consumed. When consumed moderately, the stimulant effect of the substance is felt. However, if a quantity beyond what the body can handle is consumed, the depressant effect sets in.   Alcohol Abuse And Addiction Alcohol addiction or alcoholism refers to a dependence [...]

Do you know a friend, colleague at work or family member struggling to overcome alcoholism? Do you need help from an expert to beat the addiction? You have come to the right place. We know how difficult breaking an alcohol addiction can be. We provide materials and information to guide you through this process. Contact us today.   Overcoming Alcohol Addiction And Maintaining Sobriety We are an organisation that provides information and resources to help alcohol addicts along their journey to recovery. We [...]

Curbing Addiction Addiction really raises many concerns in our daily lives. It’s basically a form of being enslaved to a certain habit or doings. Generally, these habits control our lives. Much of what you do is based on a habit you’ve developed at some stage in your life. Other habits are harmful, like spending too much time on the internet, smoking or drinking. You might consider these routine to be nothing more than small hindrances. However, they can prevent you from [...]