Benefits Of Giving Up Alcohol For 30 Days

Benefits Of Giving Up Alcohol For 30 Days

Earlier this year, in January, the government issued new guidelines on alcohol consumption which say that safe levels of drinking do not exist. The guidelines recommend a lower level of consumption than before and advice abstinence. In the same month Alcohol Concern launched an initiative called Dry January which was about getting people to stay off of alcohol for 30 days.

Dry January may be long over but there are definitely a lot of benefits to staying off of alcohol for a period of time. Should you decide to say no to alcohol and stay off of it, you can look forward to some rewarding benefits. However, saying no can be tough to say the least. Benefits may include:


Weight Loss

Alcoholic drinks come with a lot of calories, which are definitely not needed by your body- making them very fattening. If you exercise, alcohol can also get in the way of fat burning by your body which means that you will not be getting the results commensurate to your workouts. Staying off of alcohol means cutting out a load of calories and increasing the effectiveness of your workouts which both contribute to weight loss.

Hello Better Skin!

One of the top ingredients of the recipe to get greater looking skin is water. Alcohol being a diuretic, has dehydrating effects on the body by causing increased urination. It also decreases the body’s production of the hormone that makes it reabsorb water. This means that your skin is getting reduced hydration which makes it look dull. No more alcohol means more water for your skin. Additionally, staying off of alcohol helps your body to get rid of toxins which improves the condition of the skin.


Better Eating Habits

Alcohol is one of the main triggers of excess food intake. It heightens the sense of smell and makes you more sensitive to the smell of food which prompts you to eat more. Stop drinking and you will take in less food and develop healthy eating habits.


More Money

If you are not drinking alcohol, it means that you are not purchasing alcohol- at least not for yourself and not as much as you used to. The money saved by not buying alcohol adds to the size of your pocket.


Reduced Tolerance To Alcohol

The more alcohol you drink, the more of it you want and the more you get used to. When you take a break from alcohol for up to 30 days, your body begins to readjust to doing without it. Therefore, you do not get the urge to drink as much as you would have before.


More Energy

Alcohol dehydrates the body and being a depressant, it can consume its energy. It also reduces the efficiency of your immune system making it harder to fight off illness. Without alcohol, your body regains energy.


Better Sleep

Alcohol has two somewhat opposite effects on sleep. On one hand, alcohol can make you drowsy and fall asleep and on the other hand, it makes you anxious and disrupts your sleep pattern. All these reduce the quality of your sleep so without alcohol you definitely will sleep better.


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