About Us

About us

Media Campaign: Powerful Information on Addiction When You Need it

Addiction is never good for anyone, and the road from addiction to recovery isn’t meant to be walked alone. Ultimately, our hope is that the information we provide here helps addiction patients and their loved ones find recovery, heal their relationships, and transcend addiction once and for all.

Media Campaign is neither a treatment centre nor a community connecting people seeking addiction help to such centres. We also don’t give personalised advice or therapy. Our mission is rather to provide free information on addiction on our website to anyone that might need.

Why? Because we care. We believe that every human being has the capacity to change both their life and the lives of the people around them for the better. We have seen addiction at its worst and just cannot quell the hunger to offer nuggets of wisdom and knowledge to people suffering from it.

At Media Campaign, you can:

  • Get information on the various types of addiction.
  • Learn about the various substances (both legal and illegal) and activities that can cause addiction.
  • Learn about the various signs and symptoms of addiction.
  • Get information on addiction treatment—rehab and recovery—and what to expect.
  • Learn about various laws pertaining to substance abuse.
  • Learn how to avoid relapse and successfully walk the road to recovery.
  • Read inspiring real life stories on addiction and recovery.

At Media Campaign, you will learn much more. Plus, all information presented on our website is authentic and backed up by thorough research. The big question is: who can benefit from this information?

  • People struggling with addiction.
  • People looking for general information on addiction, rehab, and addiction recovery.
  • People whose loved ones are struggling with addiction.
  • Health professionals and therapists that deal with addicts regularly.
  • People looking for motivating real life stories on addiction and recovery.

In short, the resources on Media Campaign are available to anyone. Your background, gender, race, colour, sexuality, age, or even the severity of your addiction does not matter.

Who We Are

We are recovering addicts. We are everyday people. We are health professionals who have helped addicts through recovery. We have seen the depth of addiction. We have fought addiction and have defeated it. Now we want to help you fight and defeat it too by offering powerful information on addiction and recovery on our website.

At Media Campaign, we also collaborate with health writers, medical professionals, and academic researchers to ensure that our resources are authentic and up to date. However, the information we provide is meant to replace neither advice from your doctor nor help from addiction treatment centres. Rather, it’s meant to equip you with the knowledge of what to expect and also motivate you to seek professional treatment.

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