5 Top Tips for Cutting Down Your Drinking

5 Top Tips for Cutting Down Your Drinking

Are you concerned about your alcohol consumption? If you feel you may be treading dangerously towards excessive consumption, make sure you check yourself quickly.

The following are warning signs that you should curb your consumption.

  1. Drinking alone more often than not
  2. Dinking to relieve pain or stress
  3. Looking forward to happy hour
  4. Complaining about no alcohol at a 2-year-old’s birthday party
  5. Occasional black-outs from drinking
  6. Lying about your drinking habits
  7. Having occasional fights with loved ones about your drinking
  8. You carry about a small alcohol flask

While there’s nothing wrong with having the occasional beer, you want to make sure that it isn’t going to affect other aspects of your life. Here are 5 top tips to help you cut down on your drinking.

Keep Track Of Your Drinking

Don’t rely on your memory- especially when drinking. Keep track of the quantity of alcohol you consume by writing it down. You can use a jotter, or your smartphone (there are apps for everything these days. Some people I know have a limited number of plastic tags which they tick off each time they drink.

If you don’t trust yourself, entrust a close friend with the task of checking on you after a certain number of drinks. This is why it’s not usually a good idea to drink alone.

Cut Down Your Social Hang-outs

Parties are a hub for drinking. Social drinking accounts for a high number of alcohol related problems among young people. Activities such as binge drinking and crazy dares are some ways people consume excessive alcohol at social gatherings.

One effective way to reduce alcohol consumption is to cut down the number of parties you attend. You can exercise extra control to stay home and watch Netflix instead.

Space Your Drinks

Another effective way of cutting down on the quantity of alcohol you consume is by drinking non-alcoholic beverages in between. These drink spacers could be water, orange juice or soda. No matter how much you drink, it’s always a good idea to take plenty of water along with your alcoholic beverages.

Here’s a tip: drinking lots of water before you sleep can prevent a hangover.

Don’t Forget To Eat!

It’s no news that eating properly before drinking tends to slow down alcohol absorption. Instead of waiting till later to chow down on a meal, why not start off dinner a bit early? It doesn’t have to be a full course meal- few slices of pizza or some balls of kebab can do the trick. With food inside you, the chances of asking for more pints of beer are greatly reduced.

Here’s another tip: avoid eating the peanuts at a bar, they make you drink more alcohol.

Don’t Drink At All

Sometimes, it’s safer to go teetotal for the evening. This may require some effort but you can do it. Start by requesting a non-alcoholic drink- or instead of hanging out at a pub, go paintballing with friends. There’s more to fun than drinking alcohol.

When you establish some control over your drinking, you’ll feel more confident about yourself.


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